Saturday, October 6, 2012

let's go for a holiday ~Jakarta in Memories

Okeyh! My brain is not functioning well due to my office thingy yang teramatla menyemakkan.
Dah 4 hari I don't know wut to write in here, BRAIN FREEZE!
Lagipun our family life is very boring occasionally. Not worth to talk about okeyh! 
I pun dok Mesia aje, kat JB pulak tu. Setakat ada Legoland Malaysia ~elleh! ape laaa sgt.
Lain la if we are a group of Alien family who has come n migrate to earth in order to live in peace and harmony.
haruslah macam2 story I can serve to all kan. (MEREPEK!)

And when it comes to dinner, there are nights when our dinner is just so ordinary and sempoi sangat. 
Buang karen aje kalau cerita lebih2 nak buat jadi macam best.
And there are nights jugak when tuan rumah teramatlah malas nya nak update.
So bila takde entry tu means dat my MALAS mode is ON.
No mood for almost everything EXCEPT sleep (oh! so dreamy) ^__^

Since I'm so malas to share things yang memerlukan I menggunakan khidmat my brain to remember things, I nak share benda2 yang I berangan sangat dapat buat (takdela payah sangat nak memerah otak).
One of 'em is travelling. We luv to travel to sumwhere yang we've never been to.
Nama pun berangan kan? Of coz la kat tempat2 yang jauh n famous.
Spend like a week in places with four seasons, mesti syok kan? 

I even ask Husbeast to bring us to Singapore coz da last time I was there during my teens.
Dah lama okeyh, I pun dah tak ingat sangat fun things yang I experienced masa tu.
But Husbeast said, we could just sit at da seaside of Danga Bay and observe dat country from afar.
By meaning dat He's from JB, wut thrills could he get by visiting da country next door? (Snobbish sungguh khenn?)

Anyhow, lucky me dat he showed some interest in visiting other places in Malaysia.
Errr... yes, there are places yang kitorang tak lawat lagi such as Langkawi, Kelantan and Terengganu.
Kesian kan? Citer oversea bagai, rupanya dalam Malaysia tak habis round pun. Tsk tsk tsk.
So, we will try to steal a lil' time to realize our dream.
Actually, Husbeast would steal some of his time sebab now ni dia yang sibuk with his career all da time.  T__T

And here we are, waiting for our saving to be mounting...for our free time to be abound. 
So dat we could pack our bag and check the map (Seriously fun tau!)
Young-Lady would always be the one yang excited and full of drama every time we're travelling.
Terhibur sangat tengok kejakunan dia yang berlebihan tu. BEST!
rindu sangat with our trip to Jakarta. I have a lot of pics to be shared with you guys actually. but because I'm writing dis in my MALAS mode, apa pun tak boleh okeyh! he he he

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