Monday, October 8, 2012

dinner treat from my father

Coz I've cooked too good and delicious for lunch and da lunch has nothing left except for 2 pieces of kembong goreng, my father decided to treat me for a dinner.
Okay...dat's a lie. He he he
Actually it was a treat for my sister's belated birthday last september.
Ceh! It's October now aite? Why so late?
Biasala, we always want everybody to be around. Kan I kata, I came from a family who has a very tight bond.
We will always share our happy times together.
So, lambat pun lambat la asalkan cukup corum.

Da birthday girl got to choose a place to held our dinner at.
And she chose to eat at Pizza Hut. She said there is a new pizza range dat we must give it a shot.
Actually Pizza Hut is our very very very very common place to celebrate sumthing so, I tak teruja pun.
Pizza kan, semua sama je pada I. Wut makes it different is just da topping and crust.
But after I had dat pizza of her choice, sumpah tak nak ckp macam tu lagi okeyh!
Coz it was damn delicious. So delicious dat I felt like 2 tray besar tu tak cukup untuk I savor da pleasantness.

Dan lagi, Father I was very very very very lucky dis time coz my brother + his wife are on diet now.
So they didn't really bother to ask for any crazy side dishes.
I dengan Husbeast plak jenis yang pemalu khenn? So kitorang duduk diam2 aje tengok orang lain order.
Okay, I tipu lagi ye. Coz we all la yang paling riuh mulut nak itu ini.
Sampaikan birthday gal pun confused, we're celebrating who actually?
Tak kisah la tu kan, Father I pun yang nak belanja.
He asked us to order, we order je lah. Hi hi hi

We went to Pizza Hut Kluang Mall, da most popular Pizza range at Kluang.
Tempat lama dah berkurun kitorang tak jejak since ada Kluang Mall ni.
Why? Sebab Kluang Mall sangat la dekat from my parent's house.
Kadang2 gula kat dapur habis pun pegi Kluang Mall untuk beli yang baru tau. Kelasss kan jah? Ha ha ha
Tapi Kluang Mall ni tak la sehebat Jusco or even wutever grand type shopping mall dat we have back in JB.
Ye lah, Kluang kan masih kategori Kampung...mana nak sama dengan bandar besar.
Only those who have experienced Kluang Mall je boleh bayangkan things dat I talked about. 

Father and Mother I sebok berceloteh with my 2 sisters. Young-Lady kalau dah dapat cuttlery, memang habis la dining table tu dia kerja kan. 

birthday girl yang tudung pink tu, not da peace signed hand gal. tapi ucu memang pantang tengok camera. birthday gal bz bincang hal kerjaya with our father. 

 dis couple is on diet so they didn't really order for anything. makan pun sikit je I tengok. punyela hazab menahan mata tengok orang lain jadi jerung membaham segala yang ada. tapi diet2 pun my brother pulun gak nasi sepinggan penuh siang tadi sebab tak tahan tengok gulai kurau I. he he

see dat tray. dah kosong okeyh! tak sempat I nak snap apa2 coz I pun takut I tak cukup laju nak grab for it while it was there. keh keh.

ni je lah yang I sempat snap sebelum dia selamat duduk dalam perut I. da triple filling sensation of da crust tu yang buatkan I termimpi-mimpi tu. hu hu hu

kalau dah gila pose, of coz takkan melepas kan peluang khenn? T__T

It was one precious event yang we would always held from time to time.
Everyone were having fun plus perut pun kenyang.
Thanx to my dad for treating our dinner with full blast.
Lepas ni I berangan nak treat my family pulak for my parents anniversary.
Any suggestion of where da perfect places to celebrate?
Sure they will be happy to know their children worship them da most kan? ~tak sabar!!!

oh my Young-Lady, sesungguhnya Ummi paham yang kamu memang tak reti duduk diam2. kesian tokwan gigih suruh dia sit still. but end up to be she's pouting too much! but because dis's da best pic dat I have, pejam mata je lah. T__T

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