Wednesday, October 10, 2012

coffee and us

Me and my family has always been in luv with coffee.
As for me, since my early age I need to start my day with dis drink.
If I missed it, my whole day would be terribly uncomfy.
Semua nya becoz of my dad yang sangat2 addicted to it.
Same goes to Husbeast cuma dia tak se'tegar' I in consuming coffee.
Kalau takde, takpe. But if there's a choice, he'd choose coffee instead of any other.
And da legacy keep on moving to my Young-Lady. 

I know rite... CAFFEIN! It's bad for little children.
But what to do? She loves it sooo much dat she even have it in her MUM's bottle to enjoy da drink.
But her coffee version of coz lah very mild.
She's a kiddo, she won't be enjoying black coffee like the adults kan.
She prefer to have Nescafe ~wow!

I penah je buat tak tau to her request coz I don't want her to be addicted like me n her Tokki.
Tapi bila dia buat muka kesian lah, merajuk lah, teary eye in a sudden lah...macam mana I nak biar aje?
I'd feel guilty. Double da guilty coz I've always feel terrible both ways.
Susah okeyh! Bagi salah, tak bagi pun salah.
Last2 I beli Nescafe Decaff especially for her.

It written there No Caffein but of coz lah I tak buat kajian dengan lebih mendalam lagi whether it's true.
I percaya je lah coz it's quite pricey compared to da common one.
Well, at least I takde lah rasa bersalah sangat tengok dia minum Nescafe tu through her bottle. Hak hak hak
Dis thing make her Tokki feel really close to her.
Ye lah, sebab Tokki rasa cucu dia ikut perangai dia habis.
Tetiba je jadi kesayangan okeyh!
Politik Young-Lady, ko hado? Keh keh keh

Ummi and anak sama je. she couldn't finish it all of course walaupun nampak macam beriya sangat menyedut straw. da rest will go into Husbeast tank. hu hu
another snap from another coffee house. I pun dah tak tau lagi macam mana I nak stop her addiction. habis, kalau I sendiri pun addict camno? hak hak hak.

 her bottle will always be filled with Nescafe instead of skimmed milk like any other kids her age. ~gasak mengganyang menda tah makcik kat belakang tu. he he

ni milky version. everything will be according to her. kalau dia nak ada susu, kena la buatkan. but most of da time she just want it clear.

dis Nescafe Decaf is quite pricey compared to da normal one. but because we have kid who enjoy dis drink...beli lah jugak. T__T

LUV dis mug BIG time! whoever yang addicted to NESCAFE mesti ada collectors edition of their mug. my parents ada macam2 pattern and bentuk. but I malas nak korek their kitchen cabinet to look for it. ini yang memang selalu digunakan so, I tayang yang ni je lah. dulu masa baru dapat mug ni, bila minum Nescafe je feeling ala2 model iklan kopi. jakun giler khenn? hua hua hua

In my family, not even one of us who avoid dis drink. Coz my mom would always served dis for our family tea time dulu2.
But of course la minus da 'tea' aite? Ha ha ha
Looks like my father is quite proud when Young-Lady pun ikut pattern dia.
The parents' legacy must be preserved by da children.
And dis is how u keep your family thingy alive throughout all generations. ~Cheewaaah lah hai!!

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