Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Apple out of the New York City...

I'm talking about Big Apple Donuts.
We did bought some the other day coz Young-Lady want it soo bad.
I did know dat Husbeast pun mengidam nakkan these donuts tapi tumpang keterujaan Young-Lady. ~obvious okeyh!
We bought a box of 6 pieces je, just enuff to satisfy our taste bud.
Masa beli tu beriya2 masing2 nak makan.
But when we're on our way home, Husbeast sebok nak makan tom yam pulak.

So, we had our dinner at tom yam stall yang ada before we got home. 
Bila dah makan tu paham2 aje lah, nobody's hungry anymore.
Donuts yang ada pun dah tak pandang.
Wut we had in mind were just want to clean up and pampered ourselves on the fluffy bed.
So, sampai umah je I terus sumbat those donuts in my magic box.
Bak kata orang, there will always be tomorrow for everything. He he 

And tonight, Young-Lady tiba2 tanya pasal donut yang kitorang memang terlupa habis ada dalam fridge.
I pun went downstairs to check for it.
Bukak2 aje kotak I tengok dah berusik. 
Without any doubt I knew who did it. Sape lagi kalau bukan Husbeast!
Entah bila dia amik pun tak tau. tsk tsk tsk 
So, cakap banyak pun tak guna.
Kita layan je la donut yang ada, laaaagiiii syok! Hu hu hu

some says dat their donuts are way tastier than the others. I'm not sure myself coz I always think dat they basically have da similar taste with one another. but instead of Dunkin's, I prefer dis one better lah kot. ~sorry uncle Dunkin. hu hu hu

one of 'em dah tak nampak bayang pun. I even couldn't recall wut flavor it was. pantas khenn??

I will usually cut it into 4 parts to make it easier for Young-Lady and Husbeast pop it in their mouth. memang rupa nampak huduh tapi rasa tetap sama okeyh! hak hak hak

muka scary Young-lady dapat makan donut idaman. kalau muka anak dah macam ni, tak sanggup I nak tayang muka bapak. mau pitam everyone. keh keh keh

So, they all makan la sampai habis those donuts.
Nothing left but da box.
Sekian, terima kasih...
p/s: I sebenarnya kepenatan. Not really in writing mod. dis few days my office burden increases drastically. Kalau tengok FB statuses of my office-mate yang lain...everyone will understand da situation. It's a really BIG sigh for all of us. ~pfft!  

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