Tuesday, September 11, 2012

we're starving indeed

I'm a bit hungry today compared to any other day before.
But I didn't skip my breakfast pun dis morning. Was having nasi goreng kampung lagi at 10am because my tank felt quite empty.
Maybe it's because of we didn't really eat rice yesterday.
Reached home at 9.40pm but nobody's really crave for food.
I thought it was just me, rupanya Husbeast pun sama. Today baru lah rasa betul2 lapar.

I macam biasa lah, nibble on biscuits in the afternoon sebab malas nak keluar lunch.
So menjelang petang je I dah mula kelaparan. But really, today it's a bit different.
Maybe because it was too cold in the office?
I pun tak tau lah. Yang I tau, dalam kepala I dah terbayang2 ayam mentah dalam fridge tu.

As usual, I need to confirm with Husbeast about our dinner. 
And today we're having ayam masak kicap pedas with medley sauteed veges. 
Sekali sekala asked for heavy meals shows dat he's starving as well.
For Young-Lady, simple fried chicken with da veges.
After all, we're now duduk lepak2 watching TV and surfing da net with happy full stomach. Nice... Hak hak hak

tonight's dinner. there will always be celery in my dish kan? sebab I sangatlah suka celery ni. it's a must in my fridge. I love it coz it can go very well with just about any dish. come in handy too whenever I run out of other greens. yang penting, tasty!

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