Wednesday, September 5, 2012

theme park in Malaysia... At last! ~Discover Disneyland in Memories

When Husbeast upgrade his job to da next level, he became a 'commoner' in Nusajaya.
I pulak became a familiar shopper at MYDIN there.
Whenever we're out of household stock, Husbeast would definitely bring me there to shop.
I tak tau lah specifically kenapa but as long as I can top up our stock, I'm good with it.
So, I kinda up to date jugak la with Legoland Project there.
It went so fast. Every time I lalu kawasan tu, I can always see something new is in progress while the one that I saw last month is completed.

At last we have our own theme park here in Malaysia n it would be da 1st Legoland theme park in Asia.
Best kan? But my only concern about having theme park here is da weather!
Kan Malaysia ni panas. Kalau dah nama nya theme park, of course it would be crowded with peeps.
I dah ter-imagine akan wutever funny smell from someone yang sweaty a lot. 
Ke, I je yang terlebih imagine kan? Hak hak hak.

I terkenang saat2 honeymoon I dgn Husbeast.
We went to theme park jugak, but from Walt Disney group.
I pegi Disneyland Hong Kong aje. Da nearest from Malaysia. 
Biasala, nak merasa tapi nak yang paling murah. Macam biasala, I kan kedekut. <--- takde duit sebenarnya nak pegi jauh2. Ha ha. 

If Universal Studio Singapore dah ada dat time, will definitely go there dpd pegi jauh2 sampai Hong Kong sana.
Speaking of our hot climate, I tgk peeps yang pegi USS semua tu okay aje.
Tak nampak pun macam bermandi peluh in their pics.
Sah2 la I ni memang suka imagining things berlebih2. Hu hu hu 
But I really wish to bring Young-Lady along to wherever pun theme park dat we could afford to go.
I wanna make her happy with all the memorable moments dat she could gather through her childhood life.

Here, I have some pics from my honeymoon nearly four years back. 
A few are from Disneyland and a few are from somewhere around Hong Kong great places.
Bila lah nak ke sana lagi kan? With Young-Lady, I bet everything akan lebih happening.  

time ni on da way nak ke Lantau Island which lies Disneyland.

we're in front of da main gate of da resort. I memang gemuk time ni, Husbeast pulak tgh kurus. so, wut a really big ratio there. Keh keh 

 Cinderella Castle.

Hong Kong town at night. their peeps are always on da move. they prefer to walk to their destination.

KFC kat sini ada pork. so, not halal! Hu hu

at Madame Tussauds. bila lagi we all nak merasa jadi Royal Members kan?  :)

their very own Tower Clock tapi I lupa wut they call dis place.

ancient chinese river cruise. Husbeast control macho habis! Hik Hik

at Asian Hollywood Studio. Husbeast kata taking picture with dis car is a MUST! his bros will nangis looking at dis. tapi I tengok dat car biasa aje. lawa pun tak, tapi...let him be la. He he.

we all ada gaya Hong Kong movie star tak? very close aite? I tau dah. Ha ha ha
All those pics are minus Young-Lady. Haruslah kan? It wouldn't really be a Honeymoon kalau dah bawa 'handbag' kesana kemari.
But after dis we'll include her wherever pun our destination will be.
She must not miss all da fun yang sepatutnya menjadi kenangan berharga untuk kami kenangkan our whole life.

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