Tuesday, September 11, 2012

our second day at CP

When we arrived at Cheras Perdana, it was around 11pm. Lucky my aunt jenis yang tido lewat. So, no problema.
Sampai2 je my aunt asked Husbeast to park our car in their garage coz their son was on call for dat day.
Life as a Doctor really was not sumthing yang exciting. I tgk kazen I tu macam takde life. Scarry! Hu hu
When we entered their house, laaaa...penuh orang rupanya. My maklong was there as well as my other kazen yang duduk area Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. Baru nak beraya jugak. Biasalah, last minute call tu yang syok selalunya.

After we ate wutever dat they served, mata pun mengantuk. It was quite a journey kan? haruslah penat okeyh!
My aunt pun dah halau2 we all masuk bilik yang dia dah sediakan, apa lagi...cepat aje Husbeast marched to the door.
Tomorrow he got class to attend pun, so...he needed some good rest.

Da next morning, we woke up pagi giler coz Husbeast class was scheduled at 8am - 6pm. 
My aunt had cook for breakfast so sempatla Husbeast isi perut. 
After he took, my kazen and my two aunts pun berborak panjang like berjam2 jugak. 
But we don't have any specific activities on dat day. Masing2 just bersantai and enjoy da weekend by watching TV and chippering with each other. 

In da evening ada la jugak fun event for da kids. My aunt's house ada water fountain. 
It was actually filled with water and water plants floats everywhere.
But dat was a year ago. Sekarang ni I tengok dah kering kontang. My uncle said he changed it to a pool for his grandson.
So, I admit lah when it comes to grandchildren...father I yang garang dulu tu pun berubah karakter.
Untung Young-Lady, she wouldn't know how her mother deal with her GrandDad dulu2, agak terseksa la jugak. 

I memang tak boleh jadi camerawoman kan? no matter how hard I shouted at them to look at me, they were always drawn to my kazen...the other camerawoman. Ha ha

 kemain lagi budak berdua ni borak dalam air kan? Hu hu

Young-Lady ni memang pantang kalau diberi peluang. she'll grab it for good.

she didn't want to out from dat pool until she's shivering in cold. memang betul2 tak melepaskan peluang.

 got hungry after bath. terus je duduk depan TV and enjoyed some home-made whipped potato. it was my aunt who made it, not me. I pun tau makan je masa tu. He he
Husbeast balik lewat. Sampai rumah around 6.45pm, so he missed all da fun to watch Young-Lady have a blast dgn anak2 kazen I.
She looked very excited through-out da day.
Dua pupu dia pulak memang very frenly, so they blend well and have some pure fun together.
I yang tengok aje pun seronok tau. Pakkal je Ummi dia malu nak terjun sama. 
Kalau tak, memang those kids takde chance la. Hak hak

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