Tuesday, September 11, 2012

missed them very much

Since I've been transferred to my new department last July, my workload increasing.
Dah ada desk sendiri kan, space pun banyak to work on pile up files. Sendiri mau ingatlah. 
So bila time keje melambak2, my memory will flashback itself to my late department.

I got so many frens there. They're all so cheeky and bubbly, treating each other with true warmth <--- chewah!
They're all way younger than me. Tu yang I suka sangat tu.
Coz blending with all these girlish team make me feel ten years younger than my actual age.
Lagipun kan I've been there and done almost everything yang mereka lalui sekarang.
It's kinda fun to look back at how childish I used to be. Hak hak

These girls are my antidote to any office burden time tu.
We'll make some funny faces to each other, make stupid jokes and burst out laughing.
Makan non stop. Everytime ada je benda nak dikunyah. Have a wonderful time out walaupun lunch hour time cuma sejam je.
Memang best lah. Time yang terisi tu penuh dgn happening things.

But now, I think I kena akur yang my time is up.
Please admit dat U're getting old! Ha ha ha
Still I think getting old is not really sumthing yang akan menghadkan aktiviti sumone ye tak?
Keep living a healthy life then U can keep on doing Ur normal routine for ten years before until now. Cool kan? He he

ni pic last two years. I masih muda remaja time ni. Hik hik

terselit pulak sorang guy kat situ, but I can say dat he's one of my best buddies there. hingusan lagi, perangai memang tak matang langsung!

time ni we all berangan jadi ala2 Charlie's Angel kununnya. biasala, minah perasan memang macam tu. he he

dekat massage chair pun jadi okeyh.

another guy terselit here. he is also one of my best male buddies yang sekepala.

we all memang kuat makan tau. hik hik

 ops! pak haji pun boleh terselit in dis pic. biasala, time nak snap time tu jugakla sure ada yang terjoin without intention.

dis's during my farewell. those ladies kata i supposed to cry in dis pic, not smiling. ha ha. but wut to do...I memang suka senyum. tatap aje lah ye. Hu hu

Well, as I'm about to finish dis up... I ingatkan hilang la sikit rasa bosan I duduk kat opis ni sorang2.
But nothing change I guess, still not in a working mood pun.
It's ok then, I'll munch on some tidbit after dis.
See, kan I kata I memang suka makan. Tsk! tsk! tsk!

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