Sunday, September 16, 2012

last day at CP and da day of Husbeast's big job interview

It was our last day at my aunt's house.
We got up not as early as the other day but still not passed 8 am.
Early morning jugak lah tu kan? He he he
My aunt dah sediakan we all breakfast yang memang best.. mihun goreng, 3 jenis kuih muih, a small plate of non-spicy fried rice and 2 kind of hot drinks. Milo and Nescafe.
Young-Lady memang mengadap fried rice aje. My aunt memang masak utk dia coz da portion was small.
I memang berselera dengan everything yang ada. Each one pun I rasa.
But Husbeast macam tak berselera. He just ate some biscuits with hot milo.

He was obviously nervous with the interview he's about to face.
He should be coz it was sumthing big to him... and to us as well.
I was nervous too but because I don't have to face da panel, I takdelah terasa risau sangat.
He was attending an interview for da post of Chief Librarian, sumthing dat we never expect to come this early.
So, he was nervous for a good reason.  :)

Husbeast is just 33 years old, still young to be around the top management team.
Usually we'll be looking at 40-45 years old and above to lead a department.
Tapi tuah orang siapa yang tau kan?
He was a bit hesitate at first and made a decision not to go.
I memang tak mendesak atau menghalang. I let him make his own choice coz dis's about his career's life.
Kalaupun I paksa dia untuk go through sumthing yang dia belum betul2 bersedia untuk hadapi, it won't end up good jugak nanti kan?

But after 3 days he ignored the interview offer by e-mail, he got a phone call from the City University.
Persuade him to come and arrange a new date for him coz they told him he's one of da potential candidates yang diorang betul2 nak put in their list.
After dat call, Husbeast terus text I and asked me to apply for a leave <--- padahal cuti I dah takde sangat.
But to show him my support, I buat jugaklah. Who else yang nak stand beside him time2 macam ni kan?

on our way to accompany Husbeast to his big interview. just look at da traffic. I pun tak sure macam mana la kalau Husbeast really need to work here. definitely not my kind of place. but yeah...I have to

 Mr. Nervous-to-da-max. he didn't even concentrate to da GPS dat he's using to find da Uni location.

there's nothing much dat we could do other than give him some moral support for him to believe in himself. I pun bukannya tau wutever questions yang bakal ditanya nanti untuk bagi soalan bocor kan?

dat's da Uni of our destination. makin dah nak sampai makin hilang darah kat muka Husbeast. hik hik hik

aktiviti Young-Lady sementara menunggu her dad to roll up his interview. senang keje I. hu hu hu

Bila Husbeast keluar from da building I could see muka dia nampak lega.
Masuk2 kereta je dia terus cakap, "I don't mind even if I don't get da post. At least now I know how to face da top management line kind of interview." I senyum je lah. He he
After the interview we went straight home sebab masing2 dah rindu giler kat rumah. 
We just made a quick stop to fuel up our BLM's tank as well as our tank too at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh.
Lepas tu no more pit-stop.
Reached home around 8.45pm, sempat la I nak put in those dirty clothes in da washing machine and clean up ourselves for a shower.

Bila everything's settled, everybody's doing a freestyle activities.
I biasala, need to get ready for tomorrow.
Baju I, baju n briefcase Husbeast, Young-Lady's belonging to bring along to her nany's. 
Semua kena get ready toningt so tomorrow morning will be just smooth for us.

home sweet home! kan I dah kata Young-Lady memang takde keje lain. He he

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