Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm a bit rajin today... ngeeeee!!

Homaigod! I lie to u guys, actually today is da most sleepy day I've ever been.
Can't wait to end dis long hours at the office.
Can't wait to spend some times with my colleagues during recess.
Can't wait to have my pillow to take it place, under my head.
Can't wait for everything dat makes me able to get off my butt from here! 
Here where? My damn boring office dat filled with laziness energy. 

Why ah? Everytime I kat office je I mesti ngantuk lah, malas lah, penat lah, lesu lah, moody lah, and many more.
Lapar tak payah citer lah kan, manjang nak di isi je perut ni.
Then everything will be getting even more worst after 2 pm.
At dis hours, I will keep looking at da wall clock and pray for da needle to point at 5.
As I'm writing dis now I could see it's only 3 pm in the evening.
I have 2 hours more to go.

Wut?? After all dis typing? Aiiisshhhh...
So, tunggu aje lah ye.  T__T <--- NANGES! 

tak sabarnye I nak balik n amik Young-Lady kesayangan I ni dpd nanny dia. sure hilang ngantuk I dengan keletah dia.

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