Monday, September 10, 2012

Husbeast really wanted us to go along ~sigh!

Last Sunday Husbeast ada class at Puncak Perdana, usually he will go alone by bus.
But berbeza dengan weekend sebelum2 ni, last weekend he really wanted us to go along with him. Why? Coz on monday he needed to attend for a job interview.
Husbeast said dat he really needs me by his side. Like a moral support to him.
As a good wife <--- to him aje lah kan, of course I'd say yes walaupun sebenarnya I tersangat lah malas. 
Cuti I pun bukan banyak lagi, plus da tiredness will be triple than usual.

Dalam pada malas2 I pun, ikutlah jugak. As long as Husbeast happy... I ok aje. 
Young-Lady memang happy manjang. It's not like she could give me a hand pun kan? Hak hak
So, we set off from JB on Saturday. First destination was Bin Nurdin at Shah Alam.
Bin Nurdin is my uncle's shop. They sell kelengkapan Haji dan Umrah.
Husbeast wanted to buy sumthing from there and after dat we all went to raya at their house, dah terlanjur datang kan.

Lepas beraya at my uncle Nordin's house, we went straight to Cheras Perdana. Ni pulak rumah My Uncle Rahman. 
We stayed there for two nights. Bila sedara mara bersepah-sepah kat KL, such a waste to rent a hotel room. Husbeast pun kalau ada class, memang bermalam kat rumah pakcik makcik I je. Senang! He he
Well this entry will be simply just about our journey from JB to KL.
Next entry baru I rajin nak tulis about wut's goin on there.
Itu pun kalau I rajin lah. Ha ha

it was raining while we're on our way there. so, nothing much to enjoy pun.

Young-Lady memang menyenangkan bila dia khayal with her iPad. She really made da journey a bit easier jugak lah. bravo!

arrived at my uncle's premises. kat car park pun jadi for Young-Lady berposing. boleh la, Ha ha.

in front of Bin Nurdin.

it's not fair asyik Young-Lady je yang glamour aite? ayah dengan ummi pun nak glamour jugak. Hak hak

shortly after Husbeast purchased things dat he aimed before, we went to beraya at the owner house. 
But i didn't snap anything there coz it's quite late. Young-Lady pun dah meragam due to uncomfy of da long journey.
For those who want to buy sumthing for Haji and Umrah, Bin Nurdin ada pelbagai kelengkapan specially for dat.
U can click to their website or simply go to their shop lot at

Bin Nurdin
 No. 17, Jalan Tukul N15/N,
Seksyen 15, Shah Alam
 40200, Selangor

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