Wednesday, September 12, 2012

He took us for a quick-night-out.

Since Husbeast missed to watch Young-Lady fun activity dat evening, he made us pay him back by escorting him to Jusco Cheras Selatan.
Da mall is just a few meters from my aunt's house. Punyelah dekat, I don't even bother to change my clothes to a fancy outfit.
Ala2 pegi kedai belakang rumah aje. Tak thrill langsung kan? He he.

So off we go, puaskan hati Husbeast yang sebok nak have some time-out jugak with his dotter.
Well, I can say dat da mall was packed with peeps. It was Sunday.Biasa lah...every corner was full with human.
We just grabbed some snacks and paid up hurriedly. Malas nak beratur lebih panjang lagi.
itu pun dah quite a while jugak menunggu turn.

Lepas tu Husbeast ajak dinner kat Johnny's. So, we head on to search for da restaurant.
When we saw it, we're very excited coz it's been a while since May we haven't enter Johnny's.
But when we're getting near...mak datuk!!! ramainya orang. I just couldn't see any available seats.
Terus we all takde mood nak ber'steamboat'. Unless if U don't mind peeps waiting for u with their sulking faces, boleh la hadap.
We do! So angkat kaki jalan la. Hik hik

He then took us to gerai tom yam around CP je. At least sumthing kan. 
But I must say, living expenses around KL is quite high.
We paid nearly RM30 for a simple dish.
Dah la tu... ciput jek dia bagi. If we have to migrate here due to Husbeast career, I'll definitely cook for their lunch boxes on weekdays.
Itu pun kalau migrate and Young-Lady dah attend school. He he he

ni la Jusco Cheras Selatan. I tak snap pun gambar kat dalam Jusco tu. kang orang kata I jakun pulak. macam lah orang tak tau Jusco yang famous tu kan? Hak hak

Husbeast was a bit sad coz he didn't have a chance to eat some steamboat. balik JB kang kita makan sampai lebam ye yang.

dekat gerai tom yam around CP. dua beranak ni memang suka berdrama time tunggu makanan sampai. Hu hu hu

kan I dah kata, Young-Lady memang drama queen. T__T  bila snap using cheap mobile, ini lah hasilnya. teheee!!

 but her parents pun apa kurangnya kan? Kih kih kih

makan banyak ni je pun dah hampir RM30. mangkuk tom yam tu sangatla kecik nak dibandingkan dengan gerai tom yam kat JB tau.

As he drove back to my aunt's house after dinner, Husbeast expressed his feeling about tomorrow's interview while on our way.
I pun tak tau nak bagi feedback apa sangat coz dis's sumthing big.
We don't really think about things like this before, at least not this soon.
So I just gave him some supportive words for him to believe in himself during the interview.
Wutever da result will not matter. Just go through it and gather experience on how to face it. Betul tak apa yang I cakap ni? :)

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