Monday, September 3, 2012

he has made a request... as usual

Today, my routine has returned to normal.
After 'five' I need to be anything dat my Husbeast n Young-Lady need me to be... A mother n wife.
There'll be a lot of yelling, requesting, sweet talking, persuasions,  n even an order from both of them in trying to get anything they want.
Everything akan bermula with "UMMI!!!!! Bla...bla...bla..."

'Ummi! Lisa nak susu! Meh duduk sini diam2!'

'Ummi! Short Ayah mana?? Nak yang kaler hitam merah tu.'

'Ummi! Tgk la Lisa...Lisa naik bike ni. Tengok! Tengok!'

'Ummi... I want U to make me some lempeng. Dah lama tak makan. Ayah nak cicah dgn sambal tumis ikan bilis tau.' 

And there goes my day. Tau2 je dah tengah malam. 
When both dah sleep, I tak jugak sleep sleep coz I need to tidy up everything yg both dah 'kemas' tadi. He he he
But I'm happy, and I akan rasa puas hati dat day when I manage to make everything dat they want from me.
Before I sleep, I'll prepare myself for da next day yang semestinya sama je demand nya like every other time from both. <--- tabah kan I? Hik hik.

Today, Husbeast mintak I kari ikan actually. But because we run out of fish in da fridge, i buatkan kari ayam utk dia.
And mixed-up veges dat I stir fried with oyster sauce.
Young-Lady? Don't wanna eat sbb dah kenyang makan nasi dekat umah nanny with her frens. 
Well, I suka je. Lagipun makan ramai2 dgn kids yang same age kan lebih selera.
She just asked me for a bottle of choc-milk(of course Young-Lady masih menyusu botol. He he) and eat up biskut raya yang ada.

a simple dinner requested by my Husbeast. tomorrow will be chicken dish jugak ye sayang, until U bring me out for a grocery shopping to top-up our fridge. Hak hak

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