Sunday, September 30, 2012

finally! He had a steamboat today

Remember how sad my Husbeast felt when we could not eat steamboat while we're in KL?   
Well, I guess he felt a lot better now coz we just had a steamboat for dinner.
Yaayyy! I knew he's happy coz he talked a lot of how delicious it was.
Memang dia enjoy habis with his dinner lah.
Sampaikan bertambah2 sos pedas Johnny's yang sedap tu.

Actually we didn't have any specific planned for da weekend.
I just thought dat maybe I could give our house a simple makeover.
Bukan apa pun, just nak polish a bit here n there around our house.
Tapi Husbeast memang la liat to help with da cleaning.
He just wanna do da laundry aje, yang lain2 memang mengelat lebih.
I don't wanna babble much on dat so I just did da rest on my own.

Tapi disebabkan nak mengubah susun atur furniture around da house need massive amount of energy, I paksa jugak Husbeast tolong.
With a condition of course! I need to make some Yong-tau-fu for him.
I ok aje...takdelah susah sangat pun kan.
Everything main celur2 aje asalkan ingredient lengkap.
Maka Husbeast pun move around da furniture dengan gigih according to my order. Hik hik hik.

Done with da house chores he took a quick rest.
I plak checkin' up my magic box (fridge) to take note of wut to buy for his Yong-tau-fu.
Tiba2 aje I dapat ilham. Biasala I, kalau nak kan keje senang memang rajin je ilham ni datang. Keh keh
Instead of making him Yong-tau-fu, why not we splurge on steamboat yang ternyata lagi best (of coz lah coz it's pricey than Yong-tau-fu kan)

Husbeast yang memang mengidam daripada hari tu suddenly make a scary grin bila I ajak ke Johnny's.
He command Young-Lady to have her shower and get dressed on da dot.
Well, dat includes me. Hu hu hu
So, after performed Maghrib we immediately head on to Jusco Bukit Indah.
Da nearest Johnny's from our house sebab malas nak pegi jauh2.
Coz we just wanna have our dinner and dat's it. Ngade kan?

his not-so-frenly face waiting for his dinner to come to him. waiters Johnny's tengok pun takut. T__T

 pe'el Young-Lady ni memang pelik2 when it comes to take her pic. punyelah susah nak dapatkan capture yang gojes.

sampai2 je kat table, Husbeast tros lebur dalam soup n let it boil. he's drooling over dis almost 5 months tau.

I think he was thinking dat he could probably make it boil faster dengan renungan tajam dia tu. ha ha

 done cooking, it's time to eat. U guys think he's such a gentleman to prepare da bowl for me? WRONG! he scooped out for himself. very nice kan? T__T

 sangat lah sedap nya steamboat nih especially when you eat it with it special hot sesame sauce. we just couldn't stop eating.

just look at how Young-Lady menikmati nya. abaikan makcik di sebelah ye. nyebok aje, hik hik

biasala Husbeast kalau snap pic I, mesti tah hape2. but I really enjoyed our dinner tonite. rasa mcm esok nak ber'steamboat lagi.

 muka orang kekenyangan. buruk sunggoh! payback time ye sayang. even dat kid behind him pun teruja tgk Husbeast mengah, ha ha ha.

Wutever it is, we really satisfied with everything today.
Our house is neat and tidy plus looking great with a new ID.
Our dinner was superb with no leftover on da table before we pay da bill.
And we're not dat jaded (especially me coz I don't have to make our dinner today, Yeehooo!) Ha ha ha
So, hello weekdays! I'm all ready to fly by.  :)


Jna marcello said...

wahhh SODAPNYA ;)

RedRose said...

memang sodap sunggoh! hari2 mau.. Ha ha