Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today I'm a bit whacked out with my office work.
Plus I don't really have a good night sleep yesterday due to my bad cough.
It's getting better, yeah...but just not really there yet. Entah bila la agaknya batuk I ni nak betul2 baik.
Young-Lady pulak memang takde maknanya will try to understand her Ummi's condition.
So, she goes on her daily energetic routine yang kadang2 way too active for me to handle.

Safely arrived home at 5.45pm as usual <--- well, according to da traffic condition jugak. Will be plus minus around dat area.
To entertain Young-Lady, I will turn on either my lappy or the iPad (according to her choice) then let her play with it.
After dat I pun buat la apa yang patut such as mandi, solat asar kalau tak sempat solat at office, and have a short-break sementara tunggu Husbeast balik keje.

When he's home la my job in the kitchen akan bermula. Coz I need his confirmation on wut to cook dat day.
Today, like I said before I tersangat la penat nya. So I was like praying jugak la in my heart he won't ask for any tricky meals.
Lucky me, he just want anything simple tapi mesti ada ikan bilis masak asam. Yaaayyy!!!
I memang la happy dengar request2 yg simple ni. Buatkan I sayang dia a bit more for today. But, for today only lah. Hik hik

So I cooked him ikan bilis masak asam as requested and some celery in tomato gravy.
Tengah masak tu Young-Lady pulak ask for some fried frankfurter.
I pun apa lagi, goreng chicken frankfurter like six pieces, two for her and the other four left I potong kecik2 then add into da tomato gravy.
Boleh la, campak2 aje kan. As long as ada rasa sudahla. 
But when Husbeast nampak berselera semacam, I knew it was heaven on his taste buds. Orait la tu kan? He he

dis's our dinner today. perasan tak, cuma ada dua lauk je. before dis pun sama aite? well to be honest on weekdays I will only cook a simple dish jetak kuasa I nak masak yang 'grand' coz we're too tired to enjoy da food. after dinner je masing2 dah berlonggok kat bilik watching TV or surfing da net. so, tak payah la. Hu hu

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