Saturday, September 15, 2012

another open house? hik hik hik

Walaupun raya dah tinggal sipi2 aje, there are peeps yang suka having their house open to all last2 minute kan?
I'm not included coz I don't held any open house for like 3 years.
Husbeast said he'd like to open our house everyday to all our acquaintance. 
So, whoever wish to come and visit us even if it's not Hari Raya please do so.
U guys are welcomed.

But attending others open houses are my fave activities. Why? 
Tak ingat ke? Kan I ni suka makan. Of course la I'd be anywhere dat served lots of yummy course. Hak hak hak
Tapi I tak sempat la nak snap all the events dat I attended.
Ada setengah tempat tu, memang I malu2 nak berflash sakan especially at my Husbeast comrades.
Coz they held their event like da nobles. So, I need to behave. Keh keh keh. 

Yesterday noon, my ex-bos of my late department who now is a bos at her new department too invited us to her house.
She's doing makan2 jugak but to her close frens and subordinates aje.
I went there with some of my close frens which I said earlier pun suka makan jugak.
So memang sakan lah I berposing with them.
It was like an intercropping activities other than just enjoying da dishes. Hu hu hu

on our way to Cik Jun's house(my ex-bos). we were riding kak Imah's Exora. dalam keta pun still menyempat lagi.

the owner and the co-pilot. dis pic was snapped by a professional. she could snap in wutever angel pun. jeles I!

 at our ex-bos's house. the others sebok tolong served da dishes but we all sebok asah skill berposing. huk huk

time ni masing2 dah eager nak menjamu selera. lagipun it is lunch time, so everyone pun dah macam jerung lapar.

those two ladies yang pegang pinggan tu dah second round actually. tapi gaya macam baru first round. Hi hi

I makan 2 pinggan sekali? oh no! tak sesuai okeyh. ini kununnye seni jurugambar. I'm just a victim to her propa. Ha ha. but I must give her a credit for dis pic coz I look slimmer than I actually am. luv dis big time!  :)

our ex-bos yang pakai hijab hitam tu. her ex-subordinates ni memang ott semuanya. layankan je la...

mengambil gambar kenangan. Cik Jun's laksa johor memang best! 

Habis makan we all pun balik office kekenyangan. Apa taknye, everybody pun makan bertambah-tambah.
Sampaikan I lemau sangat nak put up a working mode dat evening.
Wutever it is, it was a lovely hang-out for us.
hopefully we will stay close and bubbly like dis forever. 
It was awesome to have some real gud frens like dis, lucky me!

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