Sunday, September 30, 2012

finally! He had a steamboat today

Remember how sad my Husbeast felt when we could not eat steamboat while we're in KL?   
Well, I guess he felt a lot better now coz we just had a steamboat for dinner.
Yaayyy! I knew he's happy coz he talked a lot of how delicious it was.
Memang dia enjoy habis with his dinner lah.
Sampaikan bertambah2 sos pedas Johnny's yang sedap tu.

Actually we didn't have any specific planned for da weekend.
I just thought dat maybe I could give our house a simple makeover.
Bukan apa pun, just nak polish a bit here n there around our house.
Tapi Husbeast memang la liat to help with da cleaning.
He just wanna do da laundry aje, yang lain2 memang mengelat lebih.
I don't wanna babble much on dat so I just did da rest on my own.

Tapi disebabkan nak mengubah susun atur furniture around da house need massive amount of energy, I paksa jugak Husbeast tolong.
With a condition of course! I need to make some Yong-tau-fu for him.
I ok aje...takdelah susah sangat pun kan.
Everything main celur2 aje asalkan ingredient lengkap.
Maka Husbeast pun move around da furniture dengan gigih according to my order. Hik hik hik.

Done with da house chores he took a quick rest.
I plak checkin' up my magic box (fridge) to take note of wut to buy for his Yong-tau-fu.
Tiba2 aje I dapat ilham. Biasala I, kalau nak kan keje senang memang rajin je ilham ni datang. Keh keh
Instead of making him Yong-tau-fu, why not we splurge on steamboat yang ternyata lagi best (of coz lah coz it's pricey than Yong-tau-fu kan)

Husbeast yang memang mengidam daripada hari tu suddenly make a scary grin bila I ajak ke Johnny's.
He command Young-Lady to have her shower and get dressed on da dot.
Well, dat includes me. Hu hu hu
So, after performed Maghrib we immediately head on to Jusco Bukit Indah.
Da nearest Johnny's from our house sebab malas nak pegi jauh2.
Coz we just wanna have our dinner and dat's it. Ngade kan?

his not-so-frenly face waiting for his dinner to come to him. waiters Johnny's tengok pun takut. T__T

 pe'el Young-Lady ni memang pelik2 when it comes to take her pic. punyelah susah nak dapatkan capture yang gojes.

sampai2 je kat table, Husbeast tros lebur dalam soup n let it boil. he's drooling over dis almost 5 months tau.

I think he was thinking dat he could probably make it boil faster dengan renungan tajam dia tu. ha ha

 done cooking, it's time to eat. U guys think he's such a gentleman to prepare da bowl for me? WRONG! he scooped out for himself. very nice kan? T__T

 sangat lah sedap nya steamboat nih especially when you eat it with it special hot sesame sauce. we just couldn't stop eating.

just look at how Young-Lady menikmati nya. abaikan makcik di sebelah ye. nyebok aje, hik hik

biasala Husbeast kalau snap pic I, mesti tah hape2. but I really enjoyed our dinner tonite. rasa mcm esok nak ber'steamboat lagi.

 muka orang kekenyangan. buruk sunggoh! payback time ye sayang. even dat kid behind him pun teruja tgk Husbeast mengah, ha ha ha.

Wutever it is, we really satisfied with everything today.
Our house is neat and tidy plus looking great with a new ID.
Our dinner was superb with no leftover on da table before we pay da bill.
And we're not dat jaded (especially me coz I don't have to make our dinner today, Yeehooo!) Ha ha ha
So, hello weekdays! I'm all ready to fly by.  :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ummi...nak maggie goreng!

Kan I dah kata, Husbeast kalau nak makan apa2 akan order aje.
Macam kat kedai tu. Cuma his wife tak sangkut kain kat bahu and usung note + pen kesana kemari je.
Dan lagi lepas habis makan mane de bayar2.
I'm lucky to even have him pay me out with just a simple shoulder rub (mimpi aje lah!)

Usually he'll just sit around lazily waiting for his eyes to be in a shutdown mode.
Paling tidak pun dia gigih melayan Young-Lady yang juga menunggu masa to be sleepy.
Again, if I'm lucky Young_lady will sleep 1st before we do.
Not so lucky, he'll be gone sailing alone leaving me with Young-Lady to pandai2 la jaga diri sendiri. Hak hak hak

Today he asked me to make maggie goreng as our dinner.
Dia kata dah lama giler tak makan maggie goreng I masak.
Yes he is sebab selalunya if we had dat dish, he'll definitely ask me for sumthing to eat after like 2 hours later.
Dia kata tak kenyang. Tak kenyang hape kalau untuk dia je paling kurang nak 2 bungkus.
Masak la berapa bungkus pun, later on he'll still not full enuff.

Why is dat? Sbb kitorang ni anak beranak orang kampung pure.
I ni darah jawa sangat kuat, Husbeast I tak tau pulak darah apa.
D'ya guys familiar with kaum Kerinci? He's one of 'em.
But when he's married to me, I made him switch to Javanese.
Bukan apa, senang sket I nak synchronize kan everything.
Pandai tak I? Ngeh ngeh ngeh.
(okeyh! apa kena mengena orang Jawa ke orang Kerinci ke with maggie goreng? tsk tsk tsk)

So, maggi goreng it was.
I buat simple version coz he want it black (hantu kicap!)
Just add in some carrot and diced leftover fried chicken yang I masak the other night. (tak ter snap)
sauteed the minced onion and garlic + ginger with oyster sauce.
Alahai...budak 6 tahun pun leh buat menda ni okeyh.
Langsung tak mencabar skill memasak tau tak. Kui kui

da maggi goreng for Husbeast yang kunun rindu giler dengan dish ni. becoz of my 'malas' meter is quite high, Young-Lady pun I jamu dengan maggie ni ~adeh!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

tutti frutti yummy!

Isk! memang la best menda alah ni kan?
Husbeast is not sumone yang keen on trying new things. 
But when I asked him to try on dis...he made some funny faces!
(aik? kenapa plak nih? supposed dis entry was all about how he likes it now.)
Terkejut I, then I tengok balik da spoon. Ouh, patutla...strawberry banana rupanya.
So I scooped out some death by choc flavor baru la his face normal again. Hik hik hik

Tapi kan, yang tak syok nya...he don't want any other taste other than choc. 
Village sunggoh mamat tu kan? 
His palate was made to enjoy only da east and oriental cooking.
So everything yang quite fancy memang la dia takkan cari pun.
Kadang2 I paksa dia bukak mulut just to taste sumthing dat I think memangla heaven.
Tapi pastu... hampes! Tak sedap manjang. Keh keh keh

Haagen-Dazs pun dulu gigih dok ngaja dia makan.
But becoz of da price range is quite outrages, tak suka pun takpelah. He he he
Neway, we managed to snap a few pics to remember da day I forced Husbeast to like things dat I and Young-Lady love.
Poyo tau snap bagai kat premis comey ni. Budget cam menjamu snow-cone overseas je. Teheeee!

yang penuh cup tu of coz Husbeast punyer. berlagak mamat tu eventho he's a newbie dalam bidang melantak tutti frutti ni. tapi flavor semuanya typical okeyh! play safe manjang. ha ha ha

I for sure la akan pilih yang a bit sour n fruity. mine was a combination of apple + pomegranate + banana. da topping were chosen by Young-Lady. orait la...sedap je pada I.

Husbeast gave me a review yang membuatkan I happy. coz we will definitely be here again with him along. kalau review tak best, memang I will take away je la dis dessert for a life. 

eh! laaa... makcik ni pun nak jugak? keh keh keh

Young-Lady's savoring it while menggedik to da camera. tak perasan yang Husbeast snap dengan I sekali through da reflection of da deco mirror in da premis.

Husbeast said kitorang anak beranak ni duta dis premis for their tutti frutti. just look at our outfit. sedondon giler dgn their wallpaper. Husbeast gelak2 bila dia tengok balik dis pic. ~kuang hasam! hu hu hu 

After like half an hour we finished everything. 
Delicious kan, harus lah cepat je habis.
Even Encik Husbeast kesayangan pun able to finish it quite in a flash!
Sebab habis semangkuk kan, I pun tanya lah for da last time about da taste.
Nak tau apa response dia? 

 ............ ~?

p/s: memang takde feeling la pakcik ni. T__T

Monday, September 24, 2012

we're up to KL... again!

Tired okeyh! Wawaawaaa... mengada kan?
Last 2 weeks dah gi sana, ni nak pegi lagi.
It's not like I wanna go there for fun.
Kemon la, it's not even our pay-day yet. Giler lah kalau I giler asyik nak ke sana aje.
We have to coz my aunt buat majlis akekah for her grandson.
Gigih la I dgn Husbeast mengorek tabung. Hik hik hik

My Mom and Dad were there too since it's a family event.
The house was packed with humans so some of my aunts need to spent a night at my cousin's.
Macam biasalah, when you're born in a big family...da environment would be chaotic!
But in an enjoyable way of course.

The Akekah went so well but penatnya ya amat!
Coz we did da cooking all by ourselves. 
I even got a task to cook ayam masak merah. <--- wallah weii!!
Actually dat is something I do every year during Aidilfitri.
Tapi masak untuk family je lah kan, nothing much pun for me.
Ye lah, setakat satu periuk sederhana besar...boleh la.

But to cook for a kenduri like dis?
I started to sweat once my Makcik told me to do so. 
Seriously I tolak with some lame excuses like, no one will look after Young-Lady since her father won't be around.
He was attending his part-time classes, so he saved! Ha ha ha
And guess wut? Da excuses were rejected!
Nak tak nak terpaksa lah I masak jugak <--- tawakal je lah. T__T

Alhamdulillah, I manage to maintain da taste.
Mau tak gigil? Dah la nak jamu my Aunt's frens + madrasah's students semua tu makan.
Malu je kalau 'terlebih sedap'. For sure I akan diingati selama-lamanya. Hak hak hak
I tunggu jugak kalau2 ada yang complaint my dish.
but after an hour dat dish finished for good...I senyum lega.

Husbeast memang la kenal sangat with her wife's cooking.
Bukak2 periuk je malam tu he said to me straight away dat he want plain rice with just my ayam masak merah.
When U do da cooking every day to feed your family, they will always knew which food is yours.
Tak thrilled langsung kan?  
Never mind lah, as long as I can make their stomach full...I'm happy.

At about 8.15 pm we began da journey back to JB.
Sampai rumah dalam pukul 12.30 malam, giler penat!!!
I even have a thought to go for an MC today ~aiiishhh.
But because I still need to maintain a mind-blowing job performance, I paksa jugak diri I bangun pagi2.
Sila cebik dengan statement ngade2 I tu. Keh keh keh

 ni lah ayam masak merah yang I masak tu. sedap ke tak ke I pun tak sure. yang penting licin! 

cousin I ni terer masak kari. so my aunt ask her to cook mutton kari for da guests. sedap seyh! 

my cousin's Hana with her dotter. she's very lucky coz her dotter really makes her drawn away from da works in da kitchen. 

orang2 kuat kenduri tengah menjala roti. ha ha ha. we really did everything by ourselves basically. tu pasal la penat!

keadaan dapur dalam rumah. khas untuk masakan2 sampingan. dapur luar untuk masakan utama tak dan nak snap. sebab I pun bz kesana kemari buat2 bz. kih kih kih

ghope I pun dah tak semenggah. nasib baik Husbeast ada class, kalau tak mau dia kutuk wife dia. Pearl-Haya tu pun dah macam tudung pasar malam je sebab yang pakai nampak village gilos! keh keh
And tonight, after got home from work...I terus je mandi and siap2. 
Since Husbeast cuti 2 hari, today and tomorrow...agak mudah la keje I coz I don't have to fetch Young-Lady from her nanny's.
I pun tengah cuti solat, so I terus turun bawah nak masak dinner.
Tengah korek2 freezer tengok apa yang ada tiba2 Husbeast said tak payah masak.
He already buy some satay for our dinner tonight coz he knew I must be really tired after all da hassle yesterday.

Homaigod! Tiba2 je I rasa dia sangat sweet.
Like a sweetie who trapped in a body of one really snobbish looking man. Hak hak hak
Sayang Husbeast sangat2 for today sampai rasa nak masak wutever pun yang dia rasa dia nak makan.
Today only lah, but because we already have satay on da plate...selamat I. Teheee!
Habis makan we all lepak2 kat bilik macam biasa.
But I still feel whacked-out and really need a good foot massage.
Siapa lagi mangsanya kalau tak Husbeast tercinta kan? Hi hi hi

dis's our dinner tonite. kedai mari ye sebab Husbeast I sangat understanding. hu hu hu

Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm a bit rajin today... ngeeeee!!

Homaigod! I lie to u guys, actually today is da most sleepy day I've ever been.
Can't wait to end dis long hours at the office.
Can't wait to spend some times with my colleagues during recess.
Can't wait to have my pillow to take it place, under my head.
Can't wait for everything dat makes me able to get off my butt from here! 
Here where? My damn boring office dat filled with laziness energy. 

Why ah? Everytime I kat office je I mesti ngantuk lah, malas lah, penat lah, lesu lah, moody lah, and many more.
Lapar tak payah citer lah kan, manjang nak di isi je perut ni.
Then everything will be getting even more worst after 2 pm.
At dis hours, I will keep looking at da wall clock and pray for da needle to point at 5.
As I'm writing dis now I could see it's only 3 pm in the evening.
I have 2 hours more to go.

Wut?? After all dis typing? Aiiisshhhh...
So, tunggu aje lah ye.  T__T <--- NANGES! 

tak sabarnye I nak balik n amik Young-Lady kesayangan I ni dpd nanny dia. sure hilang ngantuk I dengan keletah dia.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Legoland - not as great as their opening day

Remember in my previous entry how I wish to enjoy their fireworks?
Well, I'm a bit disappointed coz it was really happening ONLY on da 1st day.
I mean I could hear all da drama and narrating throughout da fireworks session.
Tiba2 malam tu just plain fireworks je, but the environment senyap sunyi.
How to say dis ek? Hu hu hu. Tapi memang boring okeyh!

Young-Lady yang at 1st excited pun jadi terpinga2 when suddenly je ada fireworks but minus da sound effect.
Husbeast said of coz lah kan, sape yang nak rugi?
You're gonna have to pay to feel the excitement. Tak adil untuk yang bayar tiket mahal2 tu.
Betul jugak kan? Dat is why lah Disneyland kebanyakan nya dibina atas island.
So peeps would come purposely to experience Disney world.

Bila dah macam tu, I terus aje cakap dengan Husbeast I nak kumpul duit starting from tomorrow sebab nak pegi Disneyland lagi.
Husbeast boleh gelakkan aje my good intention ni. Hak hak hak
Ye lah kan, macam lah kumpul tahun ni...tahun depan kitorang dapat pegi.
Kalau setakat 2k-4k tu boleh la jugak dikorek2.
So, I kinda get it wut did Husbeast trying to say actually.
'In your dream la!' Keh keh keh 

Legoland Malaysia's front gate. I bet they won't even let peeps in Medini Mall without Legoland ticket lepas ni. agaknye la. he he

so, before they put charges to everything baik la I bergambar sakan dulu. :)

amboih! budak kecik ni, siap bercekak pinggang lagi. it's very hard for me to snap her pic. she moved around a lot! 

Husbeast was online with his biz partner <--- ye lah tu. but I'm so surprised he did dat peace sign for da snap.

ni je la fireworks yang sempat di snap coz Young-Lady looks kinda bored. ye lah, tau2 aje fireworks meletup. background music macam yang dia selalu tengok kat youtube tu langsung takde.

we had our dinner at burger king. but Husbeast said nothing can challenge my cooking. kembang I dengar okeyh! even though i knew he's just do da sweet talking thingy. hu hu hu

sabotaj! time mulut pehuh time tu la nak snap kan? aaiiisshhh!

suddenly I felt like... wut??? looking at dis pic makes me burst out laughing. pehal tah pose cenggini? kunun manja la tu. keh keh keh

Medini Mall. it's like a smaller version of JPO. some of da shop lot are still not available.

but I heard it is damn hot at daytime plus dusty due to da construction around. so, better be here at night. 

Well, takde apa pun yang interesting sangat. but maybe da story will be different if we enter da park kan?
But most of Husbeast's frens said it's better to wait for da tree to grow a bit bigger.
It won't be too hot then. Hak hak hak
Kalau macam tu, I setuju untuk tidak ke Legoland Malaysia for now. 
But sayang...Legoland bukan ada kat Malaysia je kot. Kat negara sejuk pun ada tau.
Ayat tak hengat! Macam la dapat pegi pun kan? Kui kui kui

Monday, September 17, 2012

we're drifting our promenade to Danga Bay

Today we'll be getting back to our original track of visiting Legoland Malaysia.
Excited? Don't be coz it's not like we're going to enter Legoland for real.
We will just hang around Medini Mall, da 1st entrance dat U have to go through before U found Legoland ticket counter.
Nak masuk Legoland today? No! No! No! Not until our pay-day arrive. 
Itu pun kalau ada lebihan. <--- selalunya takde pun. Keh keh

Last night we're planning to go there coz the other night of their launch day we all terjebak with da fireworks before their closing.
It's da same experienced time I honeymoon kat Disneyland dulu.
Memang best! Young-Lady looks very excited walaupun kitorang just hang-out kat luar entrance Legoland je.
But we didn't bring our camera plus both of our mobile pun are very cheap.
Tak nampak apa pun eventhough punyalah banyak kitorang snap malam tu.

But because our destination didahului dengan visiting my cousin's house, memang berterabur plan we all akhirnya.
Da fireworks will be held around 8pm, before their closing. Everyday tau!
Tapi bila dah berborak mana lah nak ingat semua tu. So we missed it.
But because we want to make Young-Lady happy, Husbeast turn the wheel to Danga Bay.
To Johorean dis place is not as huge as Genting lah kan sebab dah selalu sangat been here.
Tapi when Husbeast turn on da mood everything went starry and full of blast! <--- ecehh! He he he 

Tak dapat tengok fireworks Legoland pun tak apa lah janji we can have some quality times together.
I dengan Young-Lady memang happy sangat2 dengan pelbagai surprise yang Husbeast selalu buat.
It makes us feel alive walaupun poket time tu tengah nipis. Hu Hu Hu
Tak semestinya we need to go to those High-Class places to have fun aite?
Tempat murah2 macam ni pun dah cukup to make us bond tighter.

nak ke rumah my kazen. Young-Lady now ni memang cukup terserlah keDIVAannye tu. tsk! tsk! tsk!

ni lah mahaguru dia. hik hik hik

 pak supir yang sentiasa serious when driving. but believe it or not, he told me to include him in <--- nak jugak kan? maka, inilah hasilnya. ha ha ha

my kazen told us to come around 12pm - 2pm. any later than dat, she might be expecting some visitors. I pun apa lagi, datang la ikut time. but it turned out to be she just wanted us to lunch at her house. after 2pm takde sape yang datang pun. tapi I suke! sebab bab2 makan ni memang lah favorite I. hu hu hu. lauk simple but we all bertambah2 especially Husbeast.

after lunch we had some chat. banyak citer lagi2 Husbeast with my kazen's hubby. ntah apa je borak sampai ke petang. tu yang missed nak tengok fireworks kat Legoland.

Young-Lady peminat jelly tegar. I wonder how my kazen knew bout dis. habis 1 packet dia kerjakan.

da look of tomorrow's Malaysian woman football player. tak percaya? just u wait. hik hik hik

ha! kan I dah kata. sekarang percaya kan? tehee!

after maghrib we all ke Danga Bay melayankan budak kecik ni having fun.

in front of the merry-go-round. Young-Lady pun suka buat finger sign 'peace' like her mommy.

we all felt really happy dat day. definitely saved in our precious moments file.

Husbeast urge us for a train ride. ni lah muka budak jakun second time naik train. hak hak hak

while riding da train, Young-Lady saw a colourful neon ship. she kept saying dat she wanted to have a closer look at da ship. so once we got off da train we went straight to search for da 'kapal lampu'. n there we were. puas hati budak kecik tu.

hajat hati nak snap berlatar belakang kan kapal cantik tu. tapi apakan daya, tangan I pendek. T__T

at last Husbeast did da snap for us. thanx to him Young-Lady could see da 'kapal lampu' as much as she want now.

After dah puas berjalan, we head back home. There's no regret pun even tak dapat nak tengok fireworks.
Young-Lady still looks happy and having so much fun.
We could see da joy through her eyes. 
And there is nothing more valuable than dat.
p/s: tonight's entry got lots of pic than any other kan? memang sah la we all ni hantu posing especially da mommy. hak hak hak.