Thursday, August 30, 2012

craving to have a baby-soft skin

Tonight would be my second month on consuming pure marine collagen.
They claimed dat it's PURE tapi I pun xtau la sejauh mana keasliannya tu.
But because da price is reasonable dgn benefit yg byk tu, i just give it a shot je.
Dis product also known as Kolagen Asli. Alaa yg mcm rumpai laut tu.
U have to boil it 1st to turn it into jelly, tau kan?
I consume yg tu la, kunun nak kulit cantik. he he

Before I bought dis, I was bz googling about a product call Beautskin Essence.
Tgk kulit duta dia mmg mengancam habis, sampai I pun tergoda.
So i asked one of da dealer yg berlumba2 publish produk ni sampai penuh wall I kat FB dgn gambar Adira.
Mak datuk!! RM240 for da 1st box and RM200 for all da next boxes yg U akan purchase.
Tau mcm tu pun I dah senget, dis dealer boleh plak sambung dat a box will only provide U for 15 days coz U need to swallow 4 caps a day to get da result.

Wut? Wut? Wut? dis make me stop breathing for like 5 seconds
Do I have to spend dat much to have a great skin?
If I ask my husbeast to buy dis for me, I'll be damned. ha ha
but Adira sure have a very healthy supple skin now, so mungkin RM440 a month mmg reasonable utk skin like dat
wutever it is I still a bit lokek to spend dat much, dah kawen pun kan? Wut else do I need more?  ^__^
So! Pure marine collagen it is. With a price of RM25 per month consume..I'm on with it. Kedekut kan? ha ha ha 

After only 7hrs left to make it genap 2months, I think my skin is becoming more moist than ever. <--- agaknyela
I ni keje kat opis yg super cold coz of the air-conditioning.
It has to be set be on a very low temp everyday to preserve all da books dat we have there from moldy.
So, kulit I mmg la usually npk kering n mengelupas. Not pretty!

Dis's me before taking da collagen. Maaflah, yg snap ni is not a pro-shooter. So, pliss ignore everything yg messy behind me. Just belek kulit I je key. Hak hak hak

Ni plak pic I yg terbaru after consuming pure marine collagen. Sengaja I cari pic berhijab yg sama to make a better comparison. These pics are not edited ye. Tapi why aaa I tgk mcm no difference je kan? Mmg sah la I je yg terlebih perasan. Hu hu hu

Dis one plak pic of Adira, the ambassador of BE. Mmg la jauh panggang dari api from my skin. Tu yg buat I tergoda habis nak consume dis product. Nasib baik la mahal melantun. He he he

But even if one day I tetiba jadi kaya, I still xrasa I would buy dis. Coz I know dat my Husbeast wouldn't allow me to.
I called him Husbeast for a reason u know.
Coz he always said to me whenever we're out in da crowd, he will definitely feel like he's an actor of 'Beauty and the Beast'.
I angguk je kdg2 sbb dh selalu sgt asek ckp mcm tu.
Malas I nak layan. I mmg nakal! Ha ha ha

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