Thursday, August 30, 2012

craving to have a baby-soft skin

Tonight would be my second month on consuming pure marine collagen.
They claimed dat it's PURE tapi I pun xtau la sejauh mana keasliannya tu.
But because da price is reasonable dgn benefit yg byk tu, i just give it a shot je.
Dis product also known as Kolagen Asli. Alaa yg mcm rumpai laut tu.
U have to boil it 1st to turn it into jelly, tau kan?
I consume yg tu la, kunun nak kulit cantik. he he

Before I bought dis, I was bz googling about a product call Beautskin Essence.
Tgk kulit duta dia mmg mengancam habis, sampai I pun tergoda.
So i asked one of da dealer yg berlumba2 publish produk ni sampai penuh wall I kat FB dgn gambar Adira.
Mak datuk!! RM240 for da 1st box and RM200 for all da next boxes yg U akan purchase.
Tau mcm tu pun I dah senget, dis dealer boleh plak sambung dat a box will only provide U for 15 days coz U need to swallow 4 caps a day to get da result.

Wut? Wut? Wut? dis make me stop breathing for like 5 seconds
Do I have to spend dat much to have a great skin?
If I ask my husbeast to buy dis for me, I'll be damned. ha ha
but Adira sure have a very healthy supple skin now, so mungkin RM440 a month mmg reasonable utk skin like dat
wutever it is I still a bit lokek to spend dat much, dah kawen pun kan? Wut else do I need more?  ^__^
So! Pure marine collagen it is. With a price of RM25 per month consume..I'm on with it. Kedekut kan? ha ha ha 

After only 7hrs left to make it genap 2months, I think my skin is becoming more moist than ever. <--- agaknyela
I ni keje kat opis yg super cold coz of the air-conditioning.
It has to be set be on a very low temp everyday to preserve all da books dat we have there from moldy.
So, kulit I mmg la usually npk kering n mengelupas. Not pretty!

Dis's me before taking da collagen. Maaflah, yg snap ni is not a pro-shooter. So, pliss ignore everything yg messy behind me. Just belek kulit I je key. Hak hak hak

Ni plak pic I yg terbaru after consuming pure marine collagen. Sengaja I cari pic berhijab yg sama to make a better comparison. These pics are not edited ye. Tapi why aaa I tgk mcm no difference je kan? Mmg sah la I je yg terlebih perasan. Hu hu hu

Dis one plak pic of Adira, the ambassador of BE. Mmg la jauh panggang dari api from my skin. Tu yg buat I tergoda habis nak consume dis product. Nasib baik la mahal melantun. He he he

But even if one day I tetiba jadi kaya, I still xrasa I would buy dis. Coz I know dat my Husbeast wouldn't allow me to.
I called him Husbeast for a reason u know.
Coz he always said to me whenever we're out in da crowd, he will definitely feel like he's an actor of 'Beauty and the Beast'.
I angguk je kdg2 sbb dh selalu sgt asek ckp mcm tu.
Malas I nak layan. I mmg nakal! Ha ha ha

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i'm back n all fresh up

hello there guys! 
dah lama beno rasanye I xblogging, n not to mention how i missed my writing sanctuary ni.
almost a year I xjenguk langsung my kebun
bz yg teramat la sgt <---cheeeyyy!!!
but today I feel like writing back, start everything from A
ampunla kalau dis blog is a bit messy.

I know rite, everything is all over da place. I tgh cuba nk reconstruct my blog semula.
but after a year of abandonment I mengaku agak memeningkan kpl jgk la utk I manage to be familiar again with everything.
I'll try my best, lagipun I bukannye some kind of very important person yg need to make sure everything is perfect.
mcm la ada yg kesah kan? huhuhu.

oh yeah... why do I feel like blogging again?
sbb my young lady aka my dotter aka Lisa is now dah xclingy lagi.
she always has something to do on her own now
getting closer to become a 3 years old young lady kan.., haruslah independent kot. hahaha
and my Husbeast aka my hubby aka Mr.Khairul is now super bz with his new job
most of da time my Husbeast akan duduk depan lappy dia berjam2 utk habiskan office work dia
well, adat la kan... if u want a big bucks, u need to sacrifice most of ur time.
as for me, I still mcm biasa je. cuma skg lebih berbelanja kot (yikes!)

I selalu sgt tergoda dgn online shop, sampai kdg2 my Husbeast pening dpt parcel berbungkus2 kat opis dia.
n his frens pun selalu je usik I yg posmen Nusajaya tu dh mcm posmen opis diorang sbb asek kuar masuk antar parcel.
obviously I need to stop my new bad habit <---new ke? hehe
so I think by writing again boleh buatkan I terlupa dgn semua online shop yg I dah bookmark elok2 kat my lappy
mcm la boleh sgt kan? hak hak hak.

since it's hari raya, I nak ambil kesempatan utk greet u guys happy Lebaran
may dis Lebaran will be da most exciting than last years
thn depan... lain citer okeyh!  

my young lady yg mmgla xreti duduk diam2. I was very lucky to be able to snap dis tau. biasanye semua gbr pun will appear blurry or ghosty sbb dia asek move around every half a second pause ~sigh!

me n my husbeast in our costume utk raya thn ni. dis year kitorang byk sgt snap gbr berdua coz my young lady sgtlaa bz with just about everything dat she can play with. I mmg mengada dgn my husbeast... maaflah. tapi I tau dia suke. ha ha