Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our Very Own Glorious Days

Assalamualaikum all.
Welcome to my fourth post of 2016.
Another 2months of abandonment ~to be expected!
My usually noisy self went all quiet dis year eyy?
Duhh! Not dat everyone noticed I was out of radar.
So, no biggy.
I've had a fun filled few weeks though since I last blogged.
March was all about Husbeast and Young-Man, while April was more like a month of a big celebration for us and our family.

Wut was it on March?
Da most sweaty, lack of sleep, tiresome plus happy, memorable and thankful month for us.
We go for da good news 1st, shall we?
My other half received a confirmation letter of his new job.
New? Well I might don't have enuff time to tell you guys a story about a Husband whois willing to give up his career so he could take care of his sick wife in a hospital.
Yep, Husbeast was once jobless for a month plus minus when he decided to quit.
He wrote his resignation letter in front of me, while we were in IJN.
Wut da hell was he thinking???
Trust me, I was da 1st to ask him dat question.
His answer was very brief...He's thinking about me. 

Husbeast and his promise. I'm soooo touched. He's now a staff of University of Reading, Malaysia. Started his job there after 10 days we checked-out from IJN last year. his good deeds got a great returns right on.

took us for a little tour around his work place. ouh it's beautiful indeed. another 'smart-a*s spoil brat' learning centre dat have a complete high-end facilities. pheww!

On the other date of March, we were under attack with a very contagious virus.
Young-Lady brought home chicken-pox from her kindy.
She pass it to her dad and lil' brother as well.
So all 3 of 'em were down to da virus for a total of 3 weeks.
We've been 'hibernating' since then to prevent it from spreading out.
Unfortunately, it was also Young-Man's 1st birthday sumwhere around dat.
So...yup, an indoor small celebration for him.
After a week of full recovery, we went out for a movie. 
Da 1st timer (Young-Man) seems to enjoy it.
We did have fun.  

one small cake and a simple pizza dinner set for my boy's birthday. Guess who did blow da candle? (da diva-like sister) Totally!!! ha ha ha

great gift from Husbeast to his son but even more great with our presence. Tumpang sekaki! Well, da more da merrier. Haven't you heard of dat? ^_*

April was a month of birthdays.
My birthday along with my dad's and my parents in law's.
Not forgetting our 7th wedding anniversary.
Literally it's a month where I always put on a lot of weight.
Me and Husbeast had a lunchdate on our anni...another lunchdate on my birthday...and a family dinner to celebrate all the April born.
Husbeast's side.
Enuff said, I'm blessed with all these beautiful heart peeps around me.

you guys spotted sumthing, don't you? I know rite? I wore 'tudung makcik' on my wedding. I was very naive when it comes to da 'latest fashion' back then. Well, am now too actually. But since my other half thought I looked beautiful, so...belasah ajelah. (dia sorang aje yg rasa pun)

 dinner treat at The SteakHouse from Husbeast on our wedding anniversary day. We both agreed dat dis year would be a 'no gifts' year for us. but recently my other half had a short term memory lost. He's aware dat I couldn't live without perfume, and my dressing table is not dat crowded anymore. So he got a present for me. While I had nothing to give him. ~sigh! Btw, I'm da type of girl who'd go for a clean floral and citrusy fresh kinda smell and Valentino is nothing like dat at all. It's  deep, warm n kinda sexy. But as I grew older, Husbeast would like me to try sumthing new. I think I could handle dat now. Thank you Hunny. Mmuuaahhh!

 a one day dating play for us on my birthday. We went for a movie in da morning and had a great lunch later on. It was a good day to be happy, so...why not? 

Husbeast gathered his family for a steamboat feast to celebrate the April born in da family. Did I tell you dat it's typical for me to put on weight in April onwards? Now dat you guys know da reason, which is absolutely not my fault...I'm relieved. kah!

We're entering da second week of May already.
I've just been so busy lately dat I deserted my blog.
Everything is kinda different now.
Even some of our routine were changed completely after we had a new member(Young-Man) in da family.
But I think I'm doing very well working on a lot of cool new stuff.
Personally...I like busy.
So no whining.
I guess I'll be back in here whenever I'm ready with a bunch of stories.
Till we meet again folks.  

Monday, February 29, 2016

Da 'SUPER' side of me

Assalamualaikum guys, we meet again.
I've been busy... yeah I know. Excuses! Ha ha ha
Well despite being lazy to think of flowery words to form a fun-to-read story...
I'm too busy shouting around da house at Young-Lady and Young-Man.
I'm also stuck with mounting inventory list dat need to be updated back in my office.
Motherhood is tough, careers are tough, life is tough.
It all can become overwhelming and feels never-ending.
Biasalahkan, with kids growing up, with datelines to catch up.
Some days when my kids are playing circles around da house or bouncing on da couch, I wish they'd be less active.
Other days pulak I worry dat our lifestyle is too sedentary. 
Some days when my bosses are not around, I wish they'd left me a task to work on.
Other days pulak I'm hoping for them to be off to somewhere...anywhere...other than in the office.
But I can assure you there is those days when as soon as I get up, I wanna go back to bed and pretend I haven't got da weight of da world on my shoulders. ~sigh!
But hello, It's not just me who feel such burden kot.
So...yeah, I tried my hardest and I think I'm good enuff to handle it. ~flip hair.
And because of dat, I decided to give a peek and make a quick update in here. 
Yes! You got it right. Pictographic entry everytime! Agagaga
Apa nak buat, I memang malas. hu hu hu

 Our Chinese New Year Holiday was at my parents'. and it's compulsory to be there every year in order for us to have a good night sleep. Bila dah kat sana, family movie time is a must. We watched a Hindi Movie which totally out of my expectation. I'm not a hindi movie lover. did watch a few yang hits mostly played by Shah Rukh Khan but I'm not a fan of him. Didn't really give a damn about Salman Khan coz to me he's a pervert (sikit2 nak bukak baju haha) so always skipped his movie. But now I have a different perspective about SK. And Bajrangi Bhaijan is recommended to watch with da whole family. still not a fan but I like da plot. thumbs up!

Da next weekend we accompanied Husbeast to JPO. he wanted to buy some new office attire. and I got to shop in Victoria Secret's. sadly, there was no sale in VS store. So just one cheap perfume for a perfume freak like me. jadilah daripada takde langsung khenn. we also bought a few brand of chocs for our kids. and dat's it. 

One of my young bosses got married!!! Congratulation to her. sadly not one of us (my office buddies) manage to attend her wedding. It's quiet far and most of us have family matters to deal with. so, we bought her a gift of her desire. senyum lebar pengantin baru kita bukak present. hik hik

Bonding time! we went to Forest City at Gelang Patah near Tanjung Pelepas to check out da new interest in Johor. It's 85% done and it will be a hit I bet. da place is soooo beautiful and calming. kinda like a club house I suppose. Young-Lady and Young-Man dah geram je tengok da clean and all new water park. but they're not open yet, so...boleh tengok aje lah. kesian...

most of my work life is about 'updating'. I feel like I'm on a treadmill...walking non stop to no end. yeahhh... I really need some motivation right now. I'm summing up my February 2016 here. 10 more months to go. good luck to me. Yieehaaa!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

another graceful weekend

Some weekends filled with activities.
While some pulak memang filled with nothing.
You know how sometimes weeks and months will go by unassumingly and quietly without any single event occurring.
And then all things happened in 1 weekend to make up for da ‘dull life’ da past few months. hehehe!
Starting from Friday to Saturday, the hours were jammed packed.
I witnessed da beautiful solemnization of my dearest sister in law on Friday morning.
And da next day...we were busy from morning till late evening for her wedding ceremony.

Da wedding was a beautiful event.
Everything went well and it was just lovely.
But I don't have dat much pics to serve you guys since I tak sempat nak snap sana sini.
Bila rehat kejap...have to look after Young-Man to give Husbeast's a time out to do his thingy.
And yesterday we were totally so tired and exhausted from 2 fun-packed days!
I felt like going to a Doctor to get an mc.
Tapi bila memikirkan nak menjawab dgn Doc since I don't have any illness...gagahkan diri jugak pegi office.
Sudahnya, Dari awal sampai sampai habis waktu office asek la menguap. Ha ha ha

Last two weeks pulak me and Husbeast went up to KL for my second checkup at IJN.
Just da two of us, no kids.
So, we kinda have a quick version of honeymoon. ~chewah!
Bukan tak nak bawak anak2, but da last time we brought them...DISASTER!
Kids khenn...bukannya boleh duduk menunggu without doing sumthing fun.
Therefore, they need to be with their aunts and cousin doing some fun activities at my parents'.
My 2 days at KL memang terasa pelik I tell youuuu.
I was surprised Husbeast could be 'dat' romantic without our kids around.
Yeah, we will definitely do it more often after dis. hak hak hak

 purposely choose to arrive KL around 1.30pm. checked in at Hotel Putra, just across da street from IJN, so we could have a rest afterwards. 

woke up in the early evening and we kinda wanna go somewhere. we hang around KLCC, tried our luck for Dilwale movie ticket but guess wut...sold out!!! Dah terlanjur ada kat sana, we bought da most famous and delicious Garretts Popcorn and handmade Sticky candy for da kids.  

Husbeast school-mate knew we're in KL, so he demanded a meet up. He picked us from Hotel Putra to have dinner together. fefeeling mat saleh having western meal in a dim light steak house. their nice. ~luvliness

went to IJN right after breakfast jalan kaki guna jejantas je. dat's da reason of staying at Putra Hotel. so we don't have to go through da traffic jams. then at lunch hour, we all kena kidnap pulak dengan member PJJ Husbeast, a staff at Pusat Sumber IJN. she took us to Asam Pedas Kampung Baru. sedap okeyh! 

After we're done with everything, it's time to go home. I dah rindu dengan my two busyuk masyam kat rumah. it was fun, tapi hati tu tetap jugak dok teringat kat budak2. need to be prepared for da 7 months later. another check up...and another date without kids. ayaiyaiyaiyaiii!